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Green PCs – a new revolution

April 10, 2012 Posted by

Personal Computer have changed the people life. And every person have a PC in their home in a normal family. And my opinion every one need a PC. But due the the huge amount of use of the energy due to the Computer in huge sector, the energy consumed is growing day by day. And there must be some solution to this problem. If the huge computer can be made to work in low power available then we can managed the energy saving and bring a revolution in the world.

After some research we found that Low Power PC has been introduced by some people around the world and has been a great success. It has a saying that its energy costs reduced 60% of the current energy consumption. So a Low Power PC can be a great revolution for the people and countries.

Its not just about the power consumption, but they are also the cheapest found on market. If people are really concious about the energy and the money then, I suggest people surely should get a one. I have order a piece for myself, as every good things should be started from ownself.

Save energy, Save world – Go green.


January 9, 2012 Posted by

Twtter is the biggest all in one Twitter application directory. People here can subscribe to whole lots of apps and get benefits- of all the applications free of cost. Twitter is not just a place where you Tweet, it is more than that where people can share and help each other out. So, twtter has been making application that makes user ease their twitter.

Find most exciting Twitter application on the internet just here. You can have lots and lots of fun with application and make you tweet easy. You can have access to different twitter related applications that can access twitter and get information related to your twitter account. You can optimize your twitter account by getting the Report Card for your twitter, getting the latest trends that may be beneficial to you interest, auto following the followers and more.

Linux Laptop to be the future?

January 18, 2011 Posted by

Well its been a while since the introduction of the to the mainstream market even though the has not proved as popular as I thought it might there is still a huge potential market for the linux platform when you take into account that licensing for other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows factors into the cost of every Windows laptop there is a good potential for the future of Linux operating systems becoming more popular.

See below some of the deals currently on Linux Laptops:

Linux To Conquer The Laptop

January 2, 2011 Posted by

The new problem with today’s industry is not whether linux is an effective OS but more will the manufacturers roll it out, it will take time to see a difference in the market but in the long term I think that the linux laptop will have a lot of fans.

In today’s age when it comes to money its always best to save where not needed and if you can save several hundred pounds on the price of software most people would be inclined.

Nowadays its no the price of the PC but the price of the software that takes it toll, with Open Office we can now have the opportunity to take on a office suite which is open source and can do the office tasks we need it to do.

Ink & Toner Cartridges

December 3, 2010 Posted by

With the prices of new printers coming down its always worth looking around for some deals when it comes to buying new ink cartridges some makes and models such as cannon can be quite expensive but we have found some good deals online for canon ink cartridges and for brother printer toner cartridges which makes refilling your printer cost efffective and value for money. In the long run printers pay for themselves with the amount of time and energy you can save by just printing out necessary paperwork, and when you can also save some money on buying the cartridges its a win win situation!

Time to adjust

July 21, 2010 Posted by

Well over the past year small laptops have become very popular with a large amount now available on the market, its surprising the amount of laptops from 7 inches to 12 inches that manufacturers have been bringing out, also with the introduction of the ipad there is a huge market now for small computer devices with the power to deliver.

Linux Got Me Some Festival Tickets!

February 11, 2009 Posted by

In my last post, I explained how I had saved enough money with buying my new Linux Acer Aspire one that I could afford some Seatwave tickets. I have now been looking at what other gigs are available during the summer festival season and I am beginning to think that I would like to attend more than one. The Seatwave tickets are such a great deal because if you cannot make the event they give you a full money back guarantee and will therefore refund your money. I am wondering whether to buy some more festival tickets while they are available such as v festival Seatwave tickets or one for the t in the park and then I will know that I have a great summer planned. I guess I will just have to start saving hard in order to pay for them.

My New Aspire One

February 10, 2009 Posted by

I have just bought my self a new computer. It is an Aspire One and I really like it because it is so portable and small. It doesn”t overheat like my last one and even though I use it a lot, I do not find the small screen to be a problem. I can even fit it in my handbag! The think I was concerned about, when I bought it was the fact that it has linux on it. I had never used linux before, having always had windows in the past. However, I wanted a really cheap computer and the ones with Linux on were significantly cheaper. In fact it was so cheap that I had enough money left over to buy some Seatwave tickets which was fantastic. I thought that when my computer broke that I would no longer have a chance of buying any Festival Tickets because all of my budget would be gone on a big computer. But it is so great that I had some left and I am now using the Aspire One to look up the Reading Festival lineup!

Checking out the latest mobile phone deals

October 23, 2008 Posted by

When it comes to finding the latest mobile phone deals, there is only one site to visit. Best Mobile Contracts is a mobile phone comparison website that finds the best mobile phone deals on the web. They have many of the large UK retailers on the site, comparing thousands of deals. They also compare mobile broadband deals from the leading UK networks, ensuring you get a deal that truly suits your needs. There are plenty of different deals on the site ranging from mobile phone free gifts, to pay as you go mobile phone deals. It really is up to you to decide what it is you are after and Best Mobile Contracts will go and compare the best deals for you. The site is there to save you time and money in an age where time is one of our most precious commodities. So why not check them out and see how much you could save on your mobile phone bill, we reckon you won’t be disappointed.

Save Money on Technical Goods

October 22, 2008 Posted by

There are a lot of ways to save money on line these days. One of these is to use promotional codes and Promo Code is a website which allows you to do just that. They have codes for many items including technical equipment. For example they have various Newegg Promo Codes on items such as processors, laptop memory, monitors etc. So if you are shopping for equipment ourself then make sure that you check out this website to see if you can save money and even better check it out just before Christmas to see whether you can save money on your on line shopping by using a Promo-Code. It is well worth checking out, you have nothing to lose, there is nothing to pay and you do not have to register to view the codes. This site is updated very regularly as well, so you know that the codes that are on there are recent and therefore more likley to work than perhaps ones on other similar sites are. They even have expiry dates so you know whether the code is still being accepted by the company. So check them out today and see whether they have any promotional codes on websites that you shop at regularly and you coudl start saving a lot of money.